Ailynn Park (Head Coach/Owner)

Coach Ailynn has over 20 years of extensive coaching experience, working with swimmers of all levels, ranging from pre-schoolers to national athletes, including those competing in the Special Olympics. Her coaching success is evident in the remarkable progress achieved by her swimmers

Despite facing challenges, Ailynn's athletic career was nothing short of remarkable. She began swimming at the young age of fifth grade in Seoul, Korea, and in her very first swim meet, she received the MVP award for setting new meet records in the 50, 100, and 200 long course meters in Backstroke. Throughout her competitive career, she consistently performed at an elite level and never missed a place as an A-Final medley relay member in State Meets, Junior Nationals, National Championships, and above-level meets until she had shoulder surgery in high school. By the end of Middle School, she was already ranking top 3 in Backstroke in the Olympic Trial outranking. 

Her journey wasn't without challenges. 

At the beginning of her freshman year in high school, Ailynn suffered a shoulder injury caused by her coach, which required surgery, over a year of physical therapy, strengthening and conditioning, and sports-specific rehabilitation. During her rehabilitation, Ailynn transitioned to Fin-swimming to maintain her connection to the water while continuing her recovery.

A strategic move to transition to Fin-swimming proved successful for Ailynn. Within six months, she became a member of the Korean National team and earned silver and bronze medals in the Fina Asian Olympic Games. She went on to break multiple meet and Korean records in the national championships and even earned a bronze medal at the Fina World Championships in Greece. As a result of her outstanding achievements, Ailynn was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award, Order of Sports Merits.

After moving to America, Ailynn was offered a full scholarship to a Division I college as a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication. However, her athletic experiences ignited her passion for Athletic Training and Kinesiology, leading her to study and gain knowledge in these fields to help others prevent and overcome injuries. Her major provided her with a different and wider perspective. Once she opened her own team, she began creating her own programs to promote a healthy and safe sports environment for all swimmers. 

With her guidance and support, her swimmers can unleash their full potential and achieve their dreams. In just one year of starting her own swim team program, Ailynn helped swimmers who were previously at the "C" and below levels achieve remarkable progress by attaining "A" cut times. The following year, these same swimmers became qualified for Championships. Additionally, under her expert guidance, 100% of the National prep group became eligible for the sectional swim meet. With Ailynn's extensive experience and coaching, swimmers of all levels can attain their full potential and reach their goals.

Ailynn stresses the importance of quality practice over quantity in order to maximize a swimmer's potential. She believes that overworking at an early age is no longer appropriate in the 21st century, as it can lead to early burnout, slump, loss of interest among young swimmers, and increase the risk of overuse injury. Therefore, at APACC, we place great emphasis on balancing the quality and quantity of workouts to reduce swimmers' mental and physical pressure. Ailynn believes that coaches must not rely solely on their experience and should be diligent in studying and gaining up-to-date knowledge. By focusing on positive results, swimmers can gain confidence and become more motivated to set higher goals for themselves.