30 or 45 Minutes

  • One or two times a week practice

  • Age 14 & Under

  • Must be able to swim 25 yards without any assistant

  • Concentrate to improve, develop, reconstruct, and refine all swim techniques per stroke competitively

**Individualized instruction included

Program details:

  • Is for swimmers who need a stroke clinic before registering the Fundamental groups and above

  • Modify all basic techniques and streamline per stroke

  • Improve and develop the forms of Freestyle and Backstroke

  • Reconstruct and refine all starting from the block and open- and flip-turns to competitive wise

  • Video analysis is provided when needed.

Program options:

  • This group is a seasonal program: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

  • Registering a number of practices is available, but 6 times is the minimum number of practices to register.

Swimmers must:

  • Must be able to swim 25 yards without any assistants

  • Participate one or two times per week in practice