• 6 swim practices & additional dryland per week

  • Age 15 & up

  • Must be able to tolerate advanced training

  • Must follow the year-round program plan

  • Individual swim-clinic program is included

**Individualized sports-specific dryland included

**Sports-injury prevention program included if needed

Program Details:

  • This group of swimmers is expected to train rigorously to achieve their goals.

  • Swimmers should be willing to tolerate their threshold through aerobic and anaerobic training.

  • A swim clinic program is included.

  • Video analysis is provided.

  • An individualized dryland program is provided.

  • Sports-Injury prevention program is included if needed.

  • This group could be expected to compete in Travel Meets.

  • Additional fees are expected for the Travel Meets.

Program options:

  • 11 months program: September – Next year July or early August


  • Have 5 swim practices and additional dryland program(s) per week

  • Require the coach’s approval to register for this program

  • Are expected to complete a minimum of one swim meet for each season; Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer