• 4 practices (3 swim + 1 dryland per week)

  • Age 10 – 15

  • Must be confident of performing 200 IM

  • Must be able to do flip-turns, Open-turns, and IM turn

  • Must know and be able to interval training sets

**Individualized sports-specific dryland included

**Youth strengthening and conditioning are optional

Program details:

  • Enhance all proper competitive strokes and in-water techniques

  • Train interval training sets

  • A swim clinic program is included.

  • Video analysis is provided.

  • Concentrate on maintaining balanced body mechanics while endurance and sprint training

  • Swimmers will train in advanced training, based on assertive personal and team goals.

  • 1 time of youth strength and conditioning program (dryland) per week during the school season.

  • An additional swim practice per week during summer.

Program options:

  • 11 months program for the competitive swimmers: September – next year July or Early August

  • 9 months program for the competitive swimmers: September – May


  • Must be able to do all competitive strokes and IM properly

  • Have 4 practices per week

  • Require the coach’s approval to register for this program

  • Are expected to complete a minimum of one swim meet for each season, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer