• 2 – 3 swim practices per week

  • A group: Age 12 & under B group: 13 & Over

  • Must be able to do Freestyle and Backstroke comfortably

  • Must be able to do competitive open-turns

  • Train to develop to the intermediate level

  • Learn competitive swimming and in-water techniques

**Individualized instruction included

Program details:

  • Refine the forms of Freestyle and Backstroke

  • Learn and practice all underwater techniques and streamlines per stroke

  • Train to improve competitive diving and open- and flip-turns

  • Video analysis is provided.

  • The group of swimmers is expected to compete in a minimum of one to two swim meets for a year.

Program options:

  • This group is a seasonal program: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

  • It is available to register for a 9-month- or 11 month-program.

  • There are two groups that are distinguished based on the preference for the number of practices per week.

Swimmers must:

  • Be able to do Freestyle and Backstroke without any assistants.

  • Participate in 2-3 time practices per week