• 2 – 3 swim practices per week

  • Age 14 & Under

  • Must be able to do all four strokes without any assistants

  • Must be able to do competitive open- and flip-turns

  • Reconstruct the four competitive strokes and techniques

  • Improve cardio strength

**Individualized instruction included

Program Detail:

  • Define all swim strokes and techniques

  • Reconstruct the competitive diving from the starting block and open and flip-turns

  • Practice interval training sets to improve cardio strength

  • A physical strength program is included.

  • A swim clinic program is included.

  • Video analysis is provided.

Program options:

  • This group is a seasonal program: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer

  • It is available to register for a 9-month- or 11 month-program.

  • There are two groups that are distinguished based on the preference for the number of practices per week.


  • Must be able to do Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly

  • Have 3 swim practices per week

  • Require the coach’s approval to register this program

  • Are expected to compete in a minimum of one swim meet for each season.